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Integrative Hypnotherapy

Imagine Change

Hypnotherapy is the applied science of imagination!

…and what the science tells us is that 95% of our brain activity is unconscious!  Your habits, body functions, creativity, emotions, beliefs & values, memory and even personality are operating almost entirely beneath the surface of your awareness.

This is why Integrative Hypnotherapy is such a powerful transformative tool!  It allows you to go beyond your conscious beliefs, memories, and awareness, by nurturing a pathway of communication with the unconscious mind. It grants you direct access to your innate wisdom and intuitive healing intelligence, by going directly to the source.

On this journey you will uncover your core beliefs and reorganize them into a self-knowing that empowers you to heal your whole self.

“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”


How it works

Integrative Hypnotherapy embodies a holistic approach to therapeutic change.  It integrates hypnotherapy with other established modalities such as somatic therapy, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming, and ancestral wisdom. It draws heavily from cognitive neuroscience while remaining intuitive, relational, and trauma-informed.

Through authentic therapeutic alliance, Jesse will support you in exploring your unconscious mind, implicit memories and the associated limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.  You will learn how to regulate your nervous system, enhance emotional resilience, and rediscover your natural capacity for change, growth and healing.

This approach yields profound and enduring transformations.


“When the will comes into conflict with the imagination,

the imagination always wins.” -Émile Coué

What to Expect in a Session

Expect A New Therapeutic Experience. This is not traditional talk therapy. This is results-oriented, highly-interactive and transformational!

Expect To Gain a New Understanding of Who You Are through the cultivation of curious wonder and compassionate self-inquiry.


Expect To Experience Hypnosis Through a Therapeutic Lens. You will experience first-hand why hypnotherapy is at the growing edge of integrative health and wellness.

Expect To Focus on Habit Formation. For lasting results, we focus on building new neural pathways as the foundation for lasting change.


Expect To Do Your Homework. Like learning to play an instrument, practice is essential for progress. So be prepared to engage fully with your healing, both in and out of session!


Expect A Compassionate Witness. As someone who has healed and who is still healing, Jesse meets you where you are with empathy and shared lived-experience.

"Jesse, I have been to treatment centers twice, and have done traditional talk therapy but coming to you was the greatest experience I've ever had! Being able to talk to someone, and them understand me and know what I'm going through; you have done the most amazing job ever. I am so grateful for what you do and what you have to offer."

Kevin 40, Tradesman

"From the very first session, my experience was transformative.  I found myself releasing pent-up emotions to the point of tears. Jesse’s ability to help me rewire thought patterns that kept me stuck, has changed everything for me.

What distinguishes Jesse is her presence, which serves as a guiding force rather than dictating what to think or do. Even during the most challenging sessions, her guidance remains steadfast, allowing me to relax deeply and trust the well-thought-out process she has crafted for me.

Having engaged with various therapists and spiritual guides in the past, I can unequivocally state that this is the first instance where I've witnessed a tangible and positive change."

Aisha 22, Student

"Jesse met my grief, pain and blockages with honesty and gentleness. Jesse listened intently and heard what I wasn’t saying. She helped me to process intense emotions and I recall after one particular session feeling “free”, years of pain and shame were actually gone. I will continue to see Jesse for maintenance of my well-being.  Jesse is my first-choice for referrals to family, friends, and co-workers."

Tessa, 48, Social Worker

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